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Evon Slows down my Computer


Slowdowns Before Injection

To have a Monaco Editor in Evon, we need to load CEF, which embeds Chromium (the Upstream of Google Chrome) to function.
Essentially, we need to load our own browser for Monaco to work. This can use many resources and cause an apparent "slowdown" for low-end devices.

What is Monaco Editor?

Monaco Editor is a code editor that is used in Visual Studio Code. It is a very powerful editor that is used by many developers. Evon embeds this to provide a nice code editor for you to use. Monaco Editor uses an embedded browser, which can use a significant amount of resources on low-end devices. This is why Evon may appear to slow down your computer if you have very little RAM/VRAM or your CPU/GPU are trash. See CEF & Monaco Editor.

Slowdowns After Injection

If your device is low-end, you may experience a slowdown after injection. This is because Evon's DLL runs it's own Luau VM which may use more resources than low-end devices may have.

Does this mean Evon is a virus?

No. If you want proof, close the injected Roblox, close Evon, and your PC will be back to normal.

If you want further proof that evon isn't a virus, you can use DNSpy to decompile Evon and see for yourself that it is not a virus.


  1. Get a better computer. If you have a good computer, then you should not experience any slowdowns.
  2. Alternatively, you can try to close any background applications like Discord, Firefox, Chrome, Spotify, etc... This may help reduce the total system load & keep a buffer between your current load & the maximum system load before any performance issues are encountered.